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L u c z i s

Psychologist, family specialist, writer, traveler.

Founder of Loveoflife, author of a series of books on the Science of Love: "Five Dragons Supporting One Saint"
"God likes to love": "Born Again", "Transmigration", "Underground Civilization"
"Rejuvenating apples, or the old Slavic art of love"

Since 1991, he has been involved in teaching both in Russia and abroad. In his seminars, he combines the methods of psychology with oriental practices and yoga. Most of the seminars and training conducted concern the relationship between a man and a woman (psychology of relations, family conflict, Tantra, Tao of Love). Recently, classes on dreaming (dreaming yoga) and work with Ancestors and Parentage (connection with lineage, restoring family memory) have gained popularity. Every year he organizes trips and expeditions to various places of power around the world.