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Luchis - biography


Luchis was born in Ulan-Ude in Buryatia, which is located in eastern Siberia, near the center of Tibetan Buddhism. He studied at the Moscow Yoga Academy for seven years, where he later lectured. He also graduated in psychology, psychotherapy, and sociotherapy in Moscow. He has a psychologist-therapist diploma. In his practice, he combines academic and spiritual knowledge.

Over the years, he has conducted classes in many countries around the world, including Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, and the USA. Recently, due to the great interest of polish and russian students, he has focused mainly on activities in Poland and Russia. It is thanks to numerous invitations from Poland and his fascination with the culture of the Slavs that he learned the polish language, which consequently helps him to teach.

So far, five of his books have been published in polish: "Five Dragons Sustaining One Saint", which is a theoretical and practical introduction to Tantra, relations between a woman and a man, and a series of three volumes - "God likes to love", which are an extraordinary story about love, the sensual land of Tantra, mystics, and spirituality. Further publications of the author's works in polish and english are planned.

During organized trips, he is a guide to places of power in Siberia, Tibet, Nepal, India, and Egypt. Each journey with Luczis is an adventure and a chance for a change of life, personal and spiritual growth.

 Love Of Life:

Teachings and courses

Luczis runs the School - Love of Life.

During lectures and workshops, he interweaves ancient wisdom with simple yoga exercises and breathing techniques and provides people with knowledge of Tantra and the Tao of Love.

It covers topics related to the Old Slavic Teachings of Love, Spiritual Laws of Nature and contacting Ancestral Lineages. He shares knowledge and experiences in the field of working with his emotions and dreams.


The knowledge he passes on helps people on the path of spiritual development - it brings understanding and acceptance. It helps to live more fully and in harmony with your own soul. His trainings give deep insight, contributing to changes in the lives of the participants, bringing harmony and awakening them in the Love of Life .


  Check out the upcoming workshops with Luczis in Poland.

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